Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Indian Elections

I would like to congratulate Manmohan Singh on his election as India’s Prime Minister, the workings of the world’s largest democracy are an impressive sight nearly 1 billion people have chosen their representatives.

This election marks a particular change in India’s politics; the congress party now has a working majority and can no longer be held to ransom by the smaller parties that were previously able to prevent governments from taking action. With the ruling party now longer beholden to minority interest progress can now be made on the Doha round as both the US and UK want and expect, leading to further economic reforms in the labour, legal and financial spheres.

Equally India has a major role to play in the response to the financial crisis; European and especially UK Business are looking to India as partners for ventures there and abroad with a high expectation of success. Finally with India looking to be one of the big winners in the proposed IMF reforms in terms of voting rights, India role in the global economy and the Institutions that govern it can only grow.

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VRAK said...

Indeed Dr. Kaul. We do hope India will not give any more excuses for not seizing the fast growth trajectory which is so natural to its economy. And hope infrastructure finally improves. I met you in the China- India- Brazil- Africa event in Capetown in 2007. We were introduced by Nipun Gupta. Look forward to keeping in touch. Would you kindly send me your email at ?