Friday, 1 May 2009

South Africa's Elections

I would like to congratulate Jacob Zuma on his recent election as South Africa’s President, and wish him luck with all the challenges that await him, both economic and political. However, while South Africa celebrates his election, it is important not to forget the efforts of his predecessor, Thabo Mbeki.

While President Mbeki’s stance on Aids and Zimbabwe may have been regrettable, his impact on the South African economy cannot be overstated. South Africa’s sustained level of economic growth is the success the Mbeki’s presidency should be remembered for.

Consequently, I was delighted to read over the weekend that Trevor Manual, the South African Minister of Finance closely related to the Countries economic success, looks set to play major role in the Zuma Government. This should allay fears that the new government is not focused closely enough on the Economic side of rule.

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