Thursday, 14 January 2010

Commonwealth Games and Business

Later this year Delhi will host the 19th Commonwealth Games, as with all large expensive international events it is the long term effects and impact that there success is now measured on. Business Involvement at the Games will be essential to ensuring the Games have a lasting impact on the City, and was one of the most important reasons for the city agreeing to host. As we saw recently in Trinidad and Tobago at CHOGM the private sector presence can contribute the most to the host country, the new partnerships and relationships that started there ensure that the organising country’s investment pays off over the coming years.

Sporting Events are no different - the world cup in south Africa, for example, is expected to pump around R21.3-billion into South Africa's economy and create an estimated 159 000 new jobs. CBC will be working with CII to ensure that the Private Sector from across the Commonwealth is represented at the Games and that the Business dimension of the games is Strong.

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