Monday, 8 December 2008

The menace of terrorism will block South Asia’s efforts to alleviate poverty and generate economic growth

The incident in Mumbai is bad not only for India, but for the entire region. It should be condemned by all people in South Asia and they should be united in their resolve to ensure it doesn't happen again in the region. Half of the world's poor live in South Asia and such incidents will keep the region in poverty and hold back efforts to achieve economic growth and poverty alleviation.

The Commonwealth Business Council has been working with business and governments and SAARC to enhance trade and investment linkages in the region to underpin wider economic growth. After the events in Mumbai, international businesses are more committed than ever to enhance the partnership with South Asian business. I hope that the leaders and people of South Asia will be even more determined to fight the menace of terrorism for the sake of economic development in the region.

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LondonSen said...

This has implications for the whole world, not just South Asia. While it could be the trigger for another round of geo-political games, the true impact is global.
Such terror could be inflicted anywhere in the civilised world.

It would be a sad day if the Indian intelligensia let this be seen as a local problem. Especially with economy in its current state. There are people who have put their India plans on hold, and it is up to us to help them change their mind. While keeping in mind that terror itself is a global issue.

Dr Mohan Kaul said...

I agree that terrorism is a global problem that needs global action, it is encouraging that there is a move towards a global response as the US, UK, India and Pakistan are consulting and coordinating actions to counter terrorism in the region.

However it needs strong commitment from governments at national levels so that people and business feel secure, particularly in India as it could derail the economic growth it is currently achieving.

The people of South Asia should work together to put pressure on their respective governments for a concerted and strong action so that such terrible events never take place again. Absence of a coordinated response will keep terrorism knoking at the doors of South Asia.