Wednesday, 3 December 2008

India must take immediate and large-scale action to prevent repeats of last week's attacks

My thoughts are with the families of those caught up in the terrible attacks in Mumbai last week.

India cannot ignore this incident; fear of repeats may drive business from India. Both World and Local business expects a clear response from the Indian Government and large scale steps to improve security and administration in order to minimise the chance of a similar attacks occur again.

I welcome the appointment of Palaniappan Chidambaram to the role of Home Minister, he has proven himself facing the challenges in the finance portfolio, and must now make tackling security and terrorism his number one priority. Retaining the confidence of the international business community is essential, more action must be taken, and more heads must role in both Mumbai and Delhi. India must now take immediate and strong action, in the manner of the US and UK following similar incidents, small steps will not inspire confidence. India must act like a world economic power to give confidence to businesses already in the country and to those on their way.

I am a regular visitor to India and have stayed in the Taj and Oberoi Hotels many times, last year I was in the Taj with over 100 business leaders and am determined to return with even more.

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