Thursday, 29 July 2010

Singapore a world leader

Further evidence of the global economies shift to the East has emerged. Singapore, one of the Commonwealths most developed nations, has released record breaking growth rates, for the second quarter of this year the country grew at 19.3%, the fastest rate of growth since records began in 1975. Singapore's remarkable record in the IFC’s Doing Business Index is not merely coincidental to its exceptional level of growth. The city state is the most business friendly county in the world, this is an example that both developing and developed countries will need to follow if they want achieve any level of growth let alone 19.3%.

Following Singapore's example of how a small state can grow to become a world player is an aspiration I have seen a lot in the commonwealth's developing nations aim to become regional players. Singapore is a financial hub for Asia and can act as a gateway for other Commonwealth countries to access its non-Commonwealth neighbours in the region, this is an example countries would like to replicate.

When Singapore is displaying growth rates of this level and many of its regional neighbours are growing at rates of 10% or more, it is no wonder that Asia is of ever increasing importance to the global economy.

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