Wednesday, 7 April 2010

India's second tier cities

I was in India earlier this month, as well as visiting the major business cities I spent time in some of the ‘second tier cities‘, Ahmadabad, Chennai and Kochi. What I noticed most of all was how well the infrastructure in these cities is developing to handle the increase in business there.

In Ahmadabad in particular, a city once renowned for its cost saving, the business district’s skyline is becoming more and more impressive. Business in these cities are following in the footsteps of the bigger cities and becoming more like their western counterparts, adopting western style business structures and marketing strategies. Where business were once housed in old building to avoid costs, they are becoming more and more willing to undertake the often extravagant costs of moving to high end, high tech office spaces with the view it will help get the next order and allow them to compete with rivals. This change in attitude should help make India’s second cities more competitive and drive forward their growth.

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