Tuesday, 11 August 2009

African agriculture solution to future food shortages

In recent comments from DEFRA about Food Security in the UK, it was suggested that global food production would have to double by 2050 to feed the growing global population. The Report went on to highlight the Role Genetically Modified crops are likely to play in increasing production as higher yield crops are needed to bring production up to the required level.

While GM will have a role play in the coming years, greater emphasis should be put on Africa as a potential global supplier.

The Current state of much of the agricultural production on the continent is still subsistence based, where families or small communities produce, in many cases, barely enough to live on, let alone a surplus to export.

Africa's potential to become the food basket of the world and supply a large percentage of the Global requirement is enormous, and CBC is working with private sector partners and governments to help increase investment into agriculture across the continent. An upturn in Production has the added benefits of increasing food security, reducing the threat of famine, creating jobs and wealth and driving up the general standard of living across Africa.

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