Monday, 20 April 2009

Agriculture and Insurance in Africa

I am pleased to see that most African countries are moving agriculture to the top of their agenda. Through my interactions with the Heads of Governments in recent months, I have recognised a renewed interest in making Africa the food basket of the world.

This is the right time to take action on agriculture, if governments, the private sector and NGO’s work together a real impact can be made on the lives of those who merely ‘subsist’ across the whole African continent.

The CBC is contributing to this effort, connecting businesses and governments to form the right partnerships for swift progress to be made. In a recent programme report co-authored by Swiss Re (a CBC member) we highlighted an element of agricultural development that’s importance is too often forgotten; insurance. The programme makes suggestions as to how PPPs can be used to enhance agricultural production, and investment in agriculture, buy reducing against volatility assuring more stable returns. To read the report please visit

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