Thursday, 15 January 2009

India and the emerging markets the solution to the Credit Crunch?

In the context of the recession and ‘credit crunch’ I think people would have been amazed had they been in Gujarat yesterday and the day before, nearly 20 000 people attended the opening of the Vibrant Gujarat Global Investor’s summit 2009. India’s captains of industry and its top business leaders were present for the summit as well as representatives from governments around the world.

In the session I chaired, ‘Infrastructure with a focus on Special Investment Regions’ there was a stampede to sign MOU’s, it was an amazing site, to see so much confidence in India’s particularly Gujarat’s growth. Companies from all round the world were falling on each other to sign, Japan, Germany, the US, the UK, China, Korea and South Africa among many others.

The PM of Kenya and the Vice President of Uganda along with the numerous ministers from many African and Asian countries who were present for the summit seemed almost dazed at first by the response from business were desperate to learn from the experience.

The summit is the perfect antidote to all the news floating around about investors to nervous to invest. It was a hugely encouraging experience, India; especially Gujarat is the place to be. I have no doubt the solution to the credit crunch lies in emerging markets like India where there is still growth and the opportunities for business, as demonstrated over the last couple of days, is huge.

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